When Innocence Isn’t Enough: The Troy Anthony Davis Story



Produced on 11-8-2007 and narrated by Naji Mujahid of the DC Radio Co-op/Peoples’ MEDIA Center, this work is a documentary about the plight of Troy Davis who has been on Death Row in Georgia since 1991; throughout this time he has maintained his innocence. He was convicted with no material evidence and solely on the testimony of 9 key witnesses by the State. However, since the recantation of 7 of them, his case garnered worldwide support and calls for a new trial.

DC Radio Co-op/Peoples’ MEDIA Center, Voices With Vision, Pacifica Radio, Naji Mujahid, Ryme Khatkouda, Thomas Ruffin, Martina Correia, Brian Stevenson, Diane Rust-Tierney, Shujaa Graham, Virginia Davis, Kirsten Bridgeford, and Marcus Garvin.

Special thanks to Free Speech Radio News, WPFW-Pacifica, Monica Lopez, Nathan Moore, and Kalonji Changa.

Music by: Beanie Sigel, Cee-Lo Green, Luci Murphy, Pam ParkerÂ

Please forward this far and wide, post it on your website, download it, copy it, distribute it, play it in part or in whole*.

*As with any journalistic work, give credit to the author; Naji Mujahid of the DC Radio Co-op and Peoples’ MEDIA Center.

Straight ahead,
Naji Mujahid


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